Cage Series By Negar Assari-Samimi

Family assurance, cultural loyalty, religious beliefs, and social structures are all building blocks of the cage. These beliefs are so strong that the individual may never stop to think about their shortcomings.

The only way to fly and be free would be to stop and question our understanding. We have been given a present - and we never bother to open and see what this present can or cannot do for us.

Better communication, responsible artists, dedicated leaders, and dependable educators will help us to visualize the cage. One day, these cages will be open by the hands of enlightened minds. Then, flying and freedom will be more possible.

Negar Assari-Samimi

Imprison Insight Islamic_Icons Islamic_Icons_II
Imprison Insight Islamic Icons Islamic Icons.
Islamic_PersianIcons Judaic_Icons Not-Ready-to-Fly Surrounded
Islamic Persian Judaic Icons Not-Ready-to-Fly Surrounded
Surrounded-III Under_Veil_II Veil  
Surrounded-III Under Veil II Veil

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